PCs: Still Top of the Class for College Students

Managing the Changing IT Landscape: PCs

by Chris Peters, member of the IT Center

If you think PCs are taking a backseat to tablets across the board, you might take a look around the nearest college campus. It turns out today’s college students still choose the PC over the latest and greatest tablet devices.

I read about this in a MarketWatch article that captures survey results from the professional services firm Deloitte. According to the article, “while some 82% of college students own PCs and 80% have smartphones, just 18% own tablets.”

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It’s Elementary Logic

If you think about it practically, the numbers make perfect sense. College students can’t afford every device, so they have to make tradeoffs, from a usage standpoint, for school and life. For everyday classroom tasks, a multipurpose PC with all the latest tools for writing term papers, taking notes, and creating multimedia presentations fits the bill. For the fun stuff, like social media and social planning, they’re on their phones - texting and tweeting.

My daughter has been using the Asus Zenbook on her college campus for the last two years. She loves its portability, its lightweight design, and how it fits in her clarinet case (she is a Music Ed major). I encourage her to tell her friends that it’s an Ultrabook. And while her friends love the device, she’ll tell me, “Sorry Dad, I just call it a laptop since my friends don’t know what I mean when I say Ultrabook.”

And now that we’ve officially entered the back-to-school period, I’ve been noticing some of the deals on laptops. And PC
recently rated the
top laptops for college students.

Household PC Use Holding Strong Too

And it’s not just college students who don’t want to give up the PC. Bob O’Donnell, IDC program vice president, was featured last week in a Wall Street Journal video discussing the results of a new survey by IDC and Intel. Of about 4,000 consumers surveyed, 97% of households say PCs are still their primary device. And according to O’Donnell, 83% of respondents agreed that a PC is better at certain tasks, with a tablet or phone dominating use as a secondary device.

For me, the PC is also my primary device. I’ve tried tablets, and they have not changed my usage model. Has your primary device for home or work changed, and if so, how?


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