Perfect for Web, Big Data or Hosting Applications: HP ProLiant m300 Server Cartridge

Guest blog written by Nigel Church, HP Servers

HP announces   the HP ProLiant m300 Server Cartridge for the HP Moonshot System. This server features the new Intel® Atom® C2000 processor, an eight-core system on a chip (SOC) with at 2.4GHz, and up to32GB memory.

Now, in just one Moonshot System with ProLiant m300 Servers, it’s possible to have 360 cores, 1,440Gb memory and up to 45TB of storage. For select workloads, you can accomplish the same work using just 19% of the power of a traditional server!

Examples of workloads it can support are as follows:

  • Companies serving web pages, or files over the Internet at scale need to carry out simultaneous lightweight computing tasks over and over, at distributed locations. Traditional servers usually come with more horsepower and more cost, than what’s needed for these lightweight computing tasks.
  • Hosters looking for right-sized IT to keep utilization rates high at the lowest possible cost will find this server cartridge interesting in providing yet another competitive tier of service.
  • Companies embracing NoSQL/NewSQL technologies designed to operate in distributed clusters of shared-nothing nodes, struggle at scale because the only choice today are powerful single-node 1U servers which are not right-sized for the job. The ProLiant m300 servers provide a very cost-effective way to scale.

For more information visit HP Moonshot or learn more about the Intel® Atom™ Processors & Intel® Xeon® Processor E3 Family.