From pipeline to cloud: Learn about next-gen architectures at Life Sciences Field Day 2016

The requirement to establish highly-scalable clouds is intensifying for European Life Science organizations. Increasing pressures stemming from rising demand and technological advancements, coupled with more complex performance needs, have created an environment of uncertainty and confusion across the industry.

Life Sciences Field Day, a joint event between DKFZ, DDN and Intel, will attempt to address these challenges and set the agenda for next-generation architectures. Industry thought leaders from major European Life Science Institutions including the Wellcome Trust Centre for Human Genetics and The Roslin Institute, alongside representatives from DKFZ, DDN and Intel, DDN and DKFZ will discuss the challenges and best practices for the year ahead at the one-day workshop on October 5th at Mathematikon Heidelberg, Germany.

This must-attend event will set to champion the key areas for investment required to tackle industry trends such as the move to the $1k genome. The primary objective of the day will focus on ensuring that the varied user community - which can range from patient-facing clinicians through to the more IT savvy computer scientists – are fully versed in the opportunities available and more importantly how they can improve workflow-efficiencies, clarity over pipelines and overall patient care.

The comprehensive schedule will include discussions around data storage security and privacy and the impact of tightening legislation. The application of technology to circumvent these challenges will also be addressed. Sessions will justify the need to create an open and secure network that can meet the high performance and efficiency needs demanded by the market to handle sensitive data sets and complex workloads and pipelines.

Highlights of the schedule will include:

  • Jürgen Eils, Head of Data Management and Genomics IT, DKFZ: “Whole Genome Sequencing in Clinical Practice: IT and Bioinformatics Approaches”
  • Kristina Kermanshahche, Global Director Life Sciences, Intel Corporation: “High Throughput, Low Latency Life Sciences – Scaling Technology to Accelerate Time to Results”
  • Sebastien Buisson, Software Engineer, Advanced Solution Laboratory, DDN and Gabriele Paciucci, Solutions Architect Data & Product Solution, Intel: “Applying New Lustre Security Enhancements into Containerized Environments”
  • Francesco Giannoccaro, Public Health England: “Designing and managing scalable HPC Infrastructure to support Public Health in the Genomic Era”
  • Javier Santoyo-Lopez, Facility Manager, Edinburgh Genomics, The Roslin Institute: “A Genomics Facility’s Challenges with Data Generation, Processing and Storage”

You can view the full line-up of speakers here:

To support the event, we will be producing a follow up blog post from speakers at the event highlighting some of the key takeaways and points of discussion.

Check back on our blog after the event to see this post and get in touch with our team if you have questions or want to find out more.

To sign up for this exclusive one-day workshop visit the event website to register your interest. We look forward to seeing you there.