Pixelcarve Inc. Gives Premium Brands a New Edge

Pushing the limits to create unique and innovative brand experiences is at the core of Pixelcarve Inc.’s business. As a digital creative agency, technology is at the center of their business model, enabling them to help international brands tell their stories through custom websites, videos, print, and social media.

Delivering extraordinary marketing experiences requires cutting-edge, responsive technology. From editing video on location to fast renders and advanced web design software, tech is central to their daily practices. That’s why they rely on the Intel® CoreTM family of processors and Intel Solid State Drives to bring creative ideas to life. Take a look at how Pixelcarve addresses major business challenges with regular investments in cutting edge tech.

Key Challenges of a Creative Agency

Creativity takes time, and doesn’t always work within your project parameters. Here are a couple of Pixelcarve’s most urgent challenges

  • Tighter timelines. With tighter timeframes on their projects and increasingly high standards of work, Pixelcarve needed tech that could handle their large volume of work and the most current programs and software.
  • High expectations. Prominent brands required Pixelcarve to deliver on high expectations and maintain their reputation as an elite agency.

Creativity Flows When Tech Keeps Up

Working quickly and channeling creativity immediately are at the center of Pixelcarve’s work culture. If the tech requires loading and waiting times, the “aha” moment of creativity can slip away, potentially resulting in delays in the team’s tight schedule. Pixelcarve CEO Curtis Priest firmly believes “When creative people have an idea, you want them to be able to try it out right away, not wait five minutes for software to load. Waiting has an emotional impact that is not quantifiable by dollars and cents or minutes on the clock.”

That’s where the 6th Generation Intel Core i7 processor came in. After upgrading in March 2016, rendering times on digital videos jumped three times faster than before, giving the agency a significant boost.

Productivity Improves With New Hardware

Team members are able to create better work through advanced technology. By editing 4K video natively, Pixelcarve can craft rough cuts and edits on mobile devices while sharing previews with clients in real time. This makes for a streamlined creative process, allowing for client approval on cuts while shooting and eliminating the financial and times costs of re-shooting video.

As Priest said, “We are telling a story, creating a narrative, creating an emotion using powerful music or powerful motion, and we use our films to imprint these memorable brand experiences on an audience or a customer base.” This communication of emotion and intent is all made possible by dynamic, customizable computers that don’t break the budget.

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