Podcasts in December for the Data Stack

Happy holidays to all of our listeners and we hope you’re having an easier time than we are settling back into work! This month, all three podcasts delivered episodes on energy efficiency and performance per watt. Chip Chat finished off a run of episodes from the NAB conference earlier in the year and delivered a fascinating episode on the Intel® AtomTM processor S1200 launch, which delivers server class performance at only 6W. Conversations in the Cloud tackled scale out storage – storing a terabyte of data at only 12 W. And Digital Nibbles had Intel’s eco-technology guru, Lorie Wigle, stop by to talk about sustainability in technology. As always, you can listen to the episodes via the links below, and comment on this blog post with any podcast topics you’d like to hear about.

Intel Chip Chat

  • Media Solutions for Dell Hardware – Intel® Chip Chat episode 224: Allyson was at the NAB conference earlier in the year and stopped by to talk with Franklin Flint from Dell about the solutions at the show and what customers can do to take their products to market on Dell hardware – removing the need to build to do their own build and managing their own supply chain. For more information, visit www.dell.com/oem.
  • Large Object Storage for Media – Intel® Chip Chat episode 225: Paul Speciale, VP of products for Amplidata, chats about large object storage – storing very large unstructured data at petabyte scale. Allyson caught up to him at the NAB conference, where he talked about the AmpliStor system, and what it means for storing media. For more information, visit www.amplidata.com.
  • The World's First 6-Watt, 64-bit Server-class SoC for Microservers – Intel® Chip Chat episode 226: Frequent Chip Chat guest Raejeanne Skillern, director of marketing for cloud computing at Intel, stops by to talk about the Intel® Atom processor S1200 launch – the industry’s first server-class SoC featuring 64-bit support, error code correction and Intel virtualization technologies, aimed at microservers, storage and networking systems. For more information, visit www.intel.com/atom.

Intel Conversations in the Cloud

Digital Nibbles Podcast

  • Do Well by Doing Good – DNP episode 24: A couple of fascinating interviews this week on Digital Nibbles. First up is Lorie Wigle (@lwigle), general manager in the Eco-Technology Program Office at Intel. She focuses on the intersection of sustainability and technology – looking at both the direct footprint of computing (how can we make everything from cell phones to datacenters more efficient) as well how technologies can be applied to address challenges (like food safety or energy data). Then Rick Turoczy (@piepdx), general manager of the Portland Incubator Experiment stops by to talk about funding starts ups in Portland, OR and how to make better entrepreneurs and start ups.