Possibility Thinking and Big Data Advanced Analytics Open Doors for Sales and Marketing

Anticipating customer expectations drives innovation at Intel. As we expand our ability to personalize the customer experience and respond to their needs with the right products at the right time, we build loyalty and market leadership. Timing is everything. The business needs to make better faster decisions, and analytics is the key competitive advantage. Self-service, real-time business intelligence (BI) is in high demand. Working in tandem, our Sales and Marketing Group (SMG) and IT teams invested in a solution to integrate disparate data sets across the sales and marketing pipeline and leverage advanced analytics to maximize our investments in marketing automation and customer relationship management (CRM).

What does the customer want? When do they need it? How will it advance their goals? To build market leadership we need insight from every angle and we need it fast. By fully embracing the power of analytics in our business, SMG, together with IT, created an automated, scalable, and personalized big data analytics solution that transformed our sales approach. Translating big data and analytics from sales and marketing engagements across the marketing-to-sales pipeline has opened the door to new insights driving velocity in our sales conversions and better decision-making in areas such as pricing and demand forecasting. In fact, we’ve seen nearly 1 billion in incremental revenue and productivity gains within two years.

Transforming the way we work with our business partners is at the heart of customer-led innovation to deliver BI faster. Our Integrated Analytics Hub (IAH), using a data lake model, addressed the business need to capture data from a multitude of different sources, all in various formats. It now takes 50% less time to align data definitions and model data for complex queries. Data analytics projects using IAH have saved an estimated USD 170,000 per quarter and reduced insight latency from months to just days.


With an increasingly complex customer base spread across multiple channels, we needed a solution that extends our reach, relationships, and revenue. Our SMART predictive analytics application uses advanced analytics and machine learning capabilities to recommend strategies that optimize customer campaigns—to the tune of $185 million in increased revenue over the last two years. Not only do our sales teams have more information than ever before on what our customers want from Intel, but they get that information within their CRM. Our advanced analytics application also enables “what-if” modeling capabilities, allowing us to significantly decrease wafer production time—avoiding $100 million in cost per year. Advanced analytics is the catalyst behind elevated return on marketing campaigns producing $180 million in converted opportunities and $700K in annual savings through digital marketing media efficiency.

Close partnerships between IT and the business are the starting point for innovation that matters to our customers. Together we are delivering platforms translating insights into revenue that we wouldn’t otherwise be capturing. Take a look at the 2015-2016 Intel IT Annual Performance Report to spark conversation about pioneering solutions to drive your business forward.