Powering the Future of Data-Driven Healthcare at HIMSS 2018

As escalating healthcare costs and an aging population require the industry to move from volume-based models to value-based approaches, a new data-driven standard of care is emerging. Artificial intelligence (AI) will make healthcare more intelligent and promises great advances for the population at large, but challenges persist. Healthcare is awash in mountains of data – including EMR data, consumer wearable data, imaging and genomics data. Today, most of that data resides in silos and has not effectively been joined together to drive new and actionable insight. We are at a turning point, where some of the advances made at the bench can start to be put into clinical practice. At the upcoming HIMSS Conference in Las Vegas, March 5-9, we will be demonstrating how Intel is working to power a new era in healthcare intelligence.

Here’s a preview of some of what you will see from us in Las Vegas:

Intel will showcase how predictive clinical analytics has enabled a hospital to identify, with 80 percent accuracy, which patients were at risk of needing a medical emergency team within the next hour. Using Intel Unite, care-teams can then collaborate around the results from this model in real-time. We’ll also share open source predictive models and frameworks that are optimized to run on Intel Xeon Scalable processors in the datacenter that underpin this type of solution. We will showcase Intel Saffron, which uses human-like reasoning to find hidden patterns in healthcare data that enable you to make more confident decisions. Intel is also pioneering new technologies that are designed from the ground up for artificial intelligence, and we’ll talk about innovation that is purpose-built for the most intensive deep-learning training and inferencing. This will ultimately help diagnose disease earlier, discover new drugs faster, and implement precision medicine treatments more effectively.

Intel will showcase a number of examples where technology is making healthcare more preciseQuick and robust access to clinical images and information when and where radiologists and physicians need it is key. The Siemens’ PACS viewer, syngo.via, allows radiologists and physicians to get fast and easy image access, improve collaboration and productivity, and contribute to patient care virtually anywhere, anytime. New immersive, collaborative environments are also revolutionizing the way physicians engage with patients. Surgical Theater’s VR solution creates engaging, 360-degree experiences for both patients and physicians, and we’ll be showcasing that. Lastly, we’ll show how new solutions are empowering genomic research in the clinical environment. By leveraging the latest Intel technologies such as Intel Xeon Scalable processors, Intel Omni-Path Architecture, SSDs with Non-Volatile Memory Express, and Intel FPGA, clinicians can analyze whole genomes fast, and at scale, so they can identify rare diseases quickly and prescribe a treatment as soon as possible. We’ll highlight what the Broad Institute is doing with Whole Genome Sequencing and analytics to identify and prescribe treatment options for rare diseases.

HIMSS 2018 is a great opportunity for you to learn more about AI-driven health insights, precision medicine and distributed cares. We invite you to attend the following Intel activities to learn more about how to set up a health IT infrastructure that takes these key areas into account:

Intel Booth #4421

You are invited to visit the Intel booth, #4421, during the Exhibition to see first-hand how Intel technologies are making precision health and collaboration come to life. The following demos will have experts on hand to answer your questions and provide live demonstrations for you to see and touch:

  • Intel Unite — Explore a predictive analytics solution that enables new user experiences and collaboration in healthcare environments.
  • Intel Saffron — Learn how AI-driven machine learning uncovers both patterns and anomalies, turning data into informed decisions.
  • Intel Health Application Platform — Discover a new standard for remote patient monitoring and care.
  • Siemens syngo .via — See how performance and rendering of images on Intel architecture helps clinicians interact with images and archives.
  • Genomics in the Clinical Environment — Check out how the latest Intel technology analyzes whole genomes fast and at scale.
  • VR Patient Engagement: Surgical Theater — Explore how virtual reality (VR) can increase patient engagement, increase surgical conversions for hospitals and better prepare doctors for surgical procedures based on patient-specific anatomy.
  • AI-Driven Healthcare — Learn how Intel technology is powering the next big wave of AI.

Blockchain Reset: Seeing Through the Hype and Staring Down the Path

Tuesday, March 6, 9:30 a.m. PT
Las Vegas Sands Convention Center — Hall G, Booth 11955ET
Blockchain has great potential across healthcare to improve patient care and reduce costs, and is already starting to take hold in healthcare networks from clearinghouses, to drug supply chains, provider credentialing processes and other critical areas. A panel of experts — including Director of Healthcare Privacy and Security for Intel Health and Life Science David Houlding — will help you to separate hype from reality, identify suitable Blockchain use cases applicable to your organization, and recognize near term opportunities for real value. In this session, we will also share practical strategies for interoperability, privacy, security, compliance, deployment, and performance to help you to get started with Blockchain in your healthcare organization.

Finally, be sure to follow @IntelHealth on Twitter to keep up-to-date on all the happenings going on at the event. We’ll be live tweeting from the show floor and sharing pictures of new health IT products/services that we discover. You can also win prizes during HIMSS through Twitter giveaways so be on the lookout for our contest tweets.

HIMSS is always a great event and we are looking forward to seeing you in Las Vegas. What are you most looking forward to seeing at HIMSS18? Tweet us @IntelHealth.

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