Preview Intel’s Presence at Retail’s Big Show

For over a century, the National Retail Federation’s annual exhibition — now known as Retail’s Big Show — has been the place for retailers to explore and showcase the latest developments in retail technology. Held in New York City’s Jacob K. Javits Convention Center from January 15–17, Intel will be one of many companies on hand exhibiting the new solutions shaping retail in 2017 and beyond.

Intel’s guiding principal is understanding that shopping isn’t simply commercial; it’s about experience. To that end, the Intel showcase is not the typical setup you might expect at an exhibition. It’s a two-story booth that is designed to look like a retail store where you’ll experience technology from Intel and its partners, including VR and AI retail solutions. You’ll also get to see firsthand how these solutions are solving real industry problems, delivering amazing customer experiences, and creating new value, all demonstrated in actual retail environments.

Intel is committed to showcasing new solutions and innovations that unleash the Internet of Things to create amazing experiences for shoppers and help retailers better understand and connect with them — which you’ll hear more about in Intel CEO Brian Krzanich’s keynote speech. We’re not just showing last year’s gadgets and tools; the Intel booth is all new. So make sure to swing by to set up a guided, personalized tour.

A Curated Experience

At a show as large as NRF, it’s easy to be impressed by new technology and equally easy to leave wondering “What does this mean for me? Can I even use that?” Intel’s goal is to cut through that confusion. By demonstrating our technology and pivot solutions in our booth designed to act as an actual retail environment, you won’t just receive a demonstration of new tech; you’ll see it in action during practical, real-life examples.

You can also learn how Intel keeps these retail advancements secure but non-invasive. Customers won’t grant you the data you need unless they can give it seamlessly — and you can keep it safe, which Intel can help with. Manned by booth associates ready to engage your every question, set up a guided tour early in the show, as the demonstrations are specially curated to address shopper pain points you may encounter in grocery markets, jewelers, the apparel or shoe section of a department store, and more.

The Intel booth is the destination for the most engaging, personalized exhibitions of our innovative technology and solutions. But thanks to many partnerships across the show, you can also see our immersive solutions in action at other partner booths throughout NRF. Intel is committed to solving retail industry problems by teaming with these companies and startups to fuel innovations and build the best solutions.

The Three Pillars of Intel Retail Solutions

If you’re the type of retail leader attending NRF, you want to be able to better understand and quickly respond to your customers’ needs. By setting up a time to experience the Intel booth, we’ll demonstrate how technology combined with responsive solutions can give you the edge.


  1. Unified Commerce Solutions: Step one of understanding customers begins with a unified view of store systems that will give you the data you need — a 360-degree view of your customers and operations. We’ll showcase solutions ranging from large department stores to small pop-up shops, and how unified retail operations can help retailers track stock in real-time to optimize store logistics while enabling store associates to better aid shoppers.
  2. Insight: Real-time insights are critical when it comes to optimizing retail. Break down data silos to dynamically process all sources and generate new insights using unified commerce solutions that integrate store systems and sensors with cloud capabilities and enterprise systems. We’ll show you how technologies like data fusion and AI can help you make seamless decisions just in time to deliver the right products to the right store and right customers — all while empowering employees to serve shoppers in the best way possible.
  3. Customer Experience: With unified systems in place and insights at your fingertips, what’s next? Numbers become the focus too often, not customer experience. But by optimizing the customer experience, retailers can touch shoppers on an emotional level, helping them to buy products they will love, keep, and return for. At the Intel booth we will showcase how retailers can deliver amazing experiences that are personalized to every shopper and enhance the buying experience, turning shoppers into advocates and brand ambassadors. We will also showcase how retailers can empower employees to take customer service to the next level. Employees transformed into personal shoppers with information at their fingertips better communicate with customers and meet, or even anticipate, their needs.

We hope to see you at the Intel booth at NRF so you can experience these amazing innovations and solutions firsthand. Don’t forget to set up a time to get a customized run-through of our catered retail solution demonstrations! And, whether you’re at the show or not, stay tuned to the IT Peer Network and follow us on Twitter for more updates and information from NRF!