Product development for IOT

*This blog was originally translated from Spanish to English

IOT.jpgThe Internet of things currently has a growing imminent that will allow you to industry and individuals improve their production time and to have control over the environment, I personally consider that the information age is about to finish to give home to the new era of control, in which developers of solutions IoT will have the rigorous work of be the impetus to forge a new industry which according to projections will extend the world's GDP and it will leverage the technological development, in other words the large companies such as Intel, IBM, Cisco, Microsoft, Google does not estanrian migrating to this new emerging power, the future is in our hands, constant and rapid development is something that we cannot stop, option is to get on the carousel of the IoT the generation of solutions of this magnitude is almost infinite, now that everything is done in this new world that will revolutionize everything that we see and want.

The growth of internet access and the efforts of Governments to provide a quality and connectivity infrastructure to the largest number of people in each country is a history reflecting towards where we, countries like Israel in a small town without many resources, but with a significant number of awards nobel and the constant evolution of innovation that have defined as a lifestyle is a clear sign that the development and the future of mankind is framed in the development of innovation and solutions that allow to optimize time and diniero, in addition to contributing to the environment.

Currently internet meets large efforts in looking for a way in millions of people from accessing knowledge in didactic way and practical, when knowledge is collective, millions of people have daily opportunities to improve their quality of life as the others, that is sustainable and solid growth for humanity.

I hope to be able to communicate with many of you to review issues of developing solutions that contribute to humanity and give a twist to this impending change that lies ahead, within the contributions that I can offer is my experience as an entrepreneur in the development of solutions home automation, building and urboticas in which I have worked for 5 years in the search for a new system more efficient and clean that really allows the scalability of the products and services, within my skills that can serve them to you I have knowledge in networks, servers, hardware, electronics, software development, automation and mobile application development.

Will be a pleasure to share with you,