Program Manager’s View Of The Cloud Program

For a year and a half, it’s been my privilege to manage the IT’s Internal Cloud Program.  I’ll be the first to admit I’m not an expert in Cloud Computing – far from it. I had to purchase and read the ‘Cloud Computing for Dummies’ book (and read it twice).   I work with a broad and diverse team of engineers and business experts that have that knowledge.  I drive the execution ‘arm’ and ensure our program goals are met.  To me, ‘Cloud’ is another program somewhat unique to what I’ve managed in the past but with similar traits that any program and/or project has in managing a diverse group of objectives to goals and benefits to value.

Admittedly I knew little about Cloud computing when first assigned to this program but have come to appreciate the benefits of cloud computing – especially in our reduction of our ‘carbon footprint’ due to reduced power consumption.  So far the year, we have EOL’s enough servers to power a neighborhood of homes for a year.   We have been able to close and consolidate our data centers for more optimal server utilization and maintenance efficiency while saving millions for cost avoidance of required refresh and growth servers.  We have improved our capacity management, reduce provisioning times, automated numerous processes, and improved our data protection, information security and disaster recovery backups.   Most important we have provided more efficiency and benefit to the employee base of application owners.  You can learn alot about all that and more in the other cloud computing posts.

Where I’m most proud is the Internal Cloud Program Team and the great work they all have done to make this program a success.  Of course we have had our challenges as any enterprise wide program does but we identified and tracked each issue and risk until they were watch list items and assigned a champion to investigate every opportunity that presented itself in the program.  Despite the unanticipated challenges we are on track to our program goals and look forward to even a more robust and exciting 2011 as a 'performing' team.  As I continue my blogging I’ll write about the program and the situations presenting themselves as challenges for program and project managers to solve.