Built with Purpose, Designed for Performance

Recently, the Intel® SSD "ruler" form factor won the International Design Excellence Award (IDEA) Gold Award for 2018. This award, distributed by the International Designers Society of America (IDSA) to 24 products this year, is a "benchmark of design and is unweathered by shifting fads or transitory styling". The IDSA website states that "Gold winners are housed in the permanent collection at the Henry Ford Museum, remaining an ever-present symbol of ingenuity and mastery of craft. Excellence is exemplified". Being awarded this honor poises the Intel® SSD "ruler" form factor to become an icon in the storage industry.

IDEA Gold Award for 2018Intel® "ruler" form factor is purpose-built, inspired by customers, and optimized for data centers. Breaking free from legacy form factor constraints, the "ruler" form factor is capable of much more than its predecessors.

While having previously unrealizable efficiency in capacity, operations, and management, the "ruler" form factor was made with design in mind. This innovative form factor was the culmination of a three-year collaboration across various Intel groups, as well as in partnership with Huge Design, to rethink data center storage for flash.

Now built on EDSFF* standards, this sleek SSD form factor improves density, manageability, and serviceability in tandem with an efficient thermal design that is revolutionizing server design. In 2019, data centers will be able to fit a petabyte of storage into a single 1U server rack, replacing 24 1U servers.

Implementing serviceability into a new form factor was a key driver for the team at Intel during creation of the "ruler" form factor. The Intel® "ruler" SSD is the first drive with serviceability built into the unit. Eliminating SSD carriers not only reduced cost, but enabled greater system density as well. Storage has not ventured into integrated serviceability in this way before. Thus, the first drive in the history of SSDs with integrated serviceability winning an industrial design award sets a high bar for all to come.

Other products that have been given the honor of the IDEA Gold Award are the Square Register*, Google Home Mini*, and Microsoft's Surface Laptop*. For Intel's "ruler" form factor to stand alongside these other breathtaking products is a testament to its design appeal. Products like Dell's EMC PowerEdge R740 Rack Server* and Intel® SSD "ruler" form factor being awarded by the IDSA shows a shift towards intentional industrial design in the storage industry. All products that have received this award can be found here in the IDEA gallery.