Reliable IT Infrastructure Core Builds an Advantage in Digital Services for Wayi International Digital Entertainment

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IT infrastructure plays a key role in an enterprise built on e-commerce. This is no exception in the gaming industry. The management team at Wayi International Digital Entertainment Co. Ltd., a leading game company in Taiwan, believes that powerful, efficient servers are essential to deliver quality IT services. Wahi deploys servers based only on Intel® Xeon® processors, including the Intel Xeon processor E7 family, with features like Machine Check Architecture Recovery (MCA Recovery), which has a proven high level of reliability that results in fewer malfunctions. This feature is imperative for key players in an industry where the competition is fierce.

“A huge number of manufacturers work with Intel,” said Xie An, Wayi’s CIO. “When we were looking for dual-core CPUs [for two-way servers], we had the luxury of choosing from a wide array of brands and models. That provided us a lot of flexibility when we were building our system.”

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