Remote Encryption Management and Intel vPro Technology

Self Encrypting Drives and software based encrypted drives are becoming more and more common in the enterprise.  Government regulations and intellectual property protection are making encrypted drives more critical.  Encrypted drives make balancing security and manageability challenging.

AMT 7 supports remote encryption management.  In summary, remote encryption management enables authorized users to remotely unlock encrypted hard drives and to reset encryption passwords.  Encrypted hard drives require a user to be present to enter a password before the system will boot to the OS.  This is a problem if the remote system requires patching or maintenance and is in a powered down state.  A user would need to be present to enter the password to boot the system.  Imagine if you had 1000’s of systems with encrypted hard drives.  Patching would become impossible unless all of the systems were left in a powered on state.  vPro with remote encryption management enables IT to remotely wake a system from a powered down state and securely transmit the password to the system.   The system can then continue to boot normally and be patched.  This capability allows enterprises to encrypt hard drives and power down systems to conserve energy while still maintaining the systems.

Without Remote Encryption Management, the system would need to remain powered on, consuming energy, and potentially vulnerable to attack.  Remote encryption management can also be used to change a password on a system remotely.  vPro’s Remote encryption management works with both self encrypting drives as well as software based encryption.  Find out more by downloading the Intel AMT SDK at

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