Reporting on Intel AMT Capable Computers

If you have McAfee ePO 4.6 or higher in your environment today, and you want an accurate summary of your Intel AMT capable systems - try using a free utility provided by McAfee.

The McAfee ePO Deep Command Discovery and Report Module is a free utility that can provide dashboards and related information such as the following


While many Intel AMT detection capabilities provide only a subset of data points, McAfee's Discovery and Report utility captures over 50 data points. Even if the Intel Management Engine Interface (MEI) driver is not present, the McAfee utility will capture basic information including the exact OEM and model of the system.

AMT data.jpg

In addition, the McAfee ePO Discovery and Report tool comes with 15 predefined queries. Adding your own queries in connection with other McAfee ePO collected data is simple.


Learn more about how to discovery and report on Intel AMT capable systems in your environment -