Results Are In: What IT Fires Do You Need to Put Out First?

The role of IT decision maker has dramatically changed in the past few decades, as technology continues to weave tightly into business strategy. IT leaders are helping business leaders build a successful roadmap by implementing strategies built on cloud, analytics, and new digital tools. Big initiatives, however, come with big decisions and the wherewithal to know which projects take priority.

We launched a poll on our Intel IT Center LinkedIn showcase page to find out what fires IT decision makers tend to extinguish first. The Internet is inundated with lists, blogs, and articles dedicated to top issues and concerns plaguing IT. These buzz-worthy topics include cloud, security, and big data, and we expected one of those to top the list.

Some IT Surprises


In our poll of more than 300 participants, 34 percent pinpointed hardware refresh as their top concern. Cloud structure (20 percent), software refresh (17 percent), and mastering data analytics (12 percent) rounded out the top four.

Security finished seventh with a little over 1 percent; this was one of the biggest surprises of the poll, especially with the large number of high-profile breaches and cybersecurity issues troubling enterprises of late. Cloud concerns were lower than projected as well, even after Microsoft’s recent release of Windows 10.

Some notables in the “Other” category (which accounted for 4 percent of the results) included customer-facing systems and hiring. Should IT be putting more thought into retaining talent, company culture, or customer needs?

IT Decision Makers Pick Hardware Over All Else

As noted, IT executives have a lot on their plate. The majority of respondents are focusing on topnotch hardware first — ditching legacy technology in favor of higher productivity, flexibility, and less downtime. The much-discussed data analytics, cloud, and security didn’t rank as high as we thought, but we’re more interested in knowing what you think. How would you rank your biggest concerns as an IT decision maker?