Retaking the High Ground in the Cloud Discussion

There’s a perfect storm coming your way. It’s fast approaching your enterprise (and your IT organization). And as it passes, life as you know it will forever change.

Driven by a desire to reduce costs and respond quicker to market changes, cloud computing (private, public or hybrid) will evolve over the next few years, changing the organizational and ecosystem dynamics of the enterprise, IT and data center staffing. Skill requirements and historical technical boundaries that have been static for 30 years will forever be altered.

Vendors are offering solutions to this challenge—many of them based on software or hardware products the vendors sell. What seems fundamentally different about the current storm is that vendors are approaching your enterprise business partners first and perhaps taking advantage of the historical skepticism between a typical IT organization and their business brethren.

What can you do to instill some common business and planning sense into this process and perhaps get IT and the DC in front of this encroaching change?  Good question Bob, but unfortunately, most IT/DC organizations are not particularly well suited (in fact, most are almost defenseless) to stem this charge; a robust and enterprise-focused cloud solution takes much more than a blueprint or a template-based architecture.

While I do not profess to be anything today but a principal architect at Intel, my boot level business experience both inside and outside of IT gives me a unique perspective to understand both the technical and business challenges you’re facing—and those your organization will likely face as it gets pulled further into this storm.   I will be discussing these issues in a series of articles for Data Center Knowledge, a daily news and analysis website for the data center industry.

My current blog post identifies the components that make up the foundation for a robust and scalable cloud solutions framework. By taking an architect’s approach to the enterprise business challenge, I’m intending to offer perspectives that balance business with technology in a format that’s refreshing and not focused on product.

You can read more and join in the discussion at Data Center Knowledge.

I’ll be posting new blogs about every other week, so please be sure to come back and share your own point of view.