Return On Security Investment – BlogTalk Radio Wednesday June 4

Measuring the value of information security programs is difficult and a problem for the entire industry. Come join us for a 3 part series discussing the challenges, how Intel is taking a practical approach, and where the future may take information security metrics.

Last week, Matthew Rosenquist & I discussed an actual Intel case study with Enrique Herrera. In this last of the three part series, we will discuss some practical approaches to determine the value of information security initiatives, including some future-looking ideas, and how security metrics might be implemented on a national scale.

The show is 30 minutes, starting tomorrow (June 4) at 10:30 PDT. To listen in, go to the OpenPort home page, and a little ways down on the left side you'll find the BlogTalk Radio link. Take that link and follow the instructions. You don't need an account to listen or participate in the discussion. If you can't make it live, you can also find the recorded sessions there too, after the show.

See you there!

Return On Security Investment - BlogTalk Radio

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

10:30 AM PDT / 1:30 EDT