In the era of COVID-19, industries are experiencing unprecedented challenges related to how they do business and engage. From cruise ship buffets to meatpacking plants to golf greens, we’re seeing similar problems that need unique solutions. In our newly launched podcast, Return with Tech, we sit down with industry experts to discuss how existing technology can be leveraged and review the latest innovations targeted at the new way we interact.

In our premier podcast episode of Return with Tech, the hosting team – David (Dave) Buchholz, Brian Cockrell, and myself - discuss the challenges of adhering to social distancing and facilitating contact tracing in various industries while also providing insights into possible solutions.

In this clip from our first episode, Brian showcases how digital signage is being used to encourage social distancing and help prevent overcrowding within spaces.

Listen to the full episode here. You can also find us on iTunes, Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, Google Play Store, or your favorite podcast platform.