SAS and Intel Boldly Go to the Now Frontier at NRF

As the global retail community gathers next week in New York for the National Retail Federation (NRF) Conference and Convention, Intel’s industry sales and solutions team is delighted to partner worldwide with SAS. Most of us know that SAS continues to be a leading creator of enterprise retail value. What’s more important is that, like any great firm, SAS’ eyes are fixed not only on today’s issues, but on staying ahead of industry trends three to five years hence.

Why Forward-looking Analytics Matter

There’s no questioning how essential data analytics are in retail right now. SAS and Intel are so focused on the now frontier because:

  • The store of today will transform into the unified commerce store/fulfillment center/drive-thru entity of tomorrow.
  • Today’s batch-based analytics of structured data will need to become real-time, streaming data fusion solutions of tomorrow.
  • The sense/respond/act data-infused business processes of today will become ever-smarter, ever-more-precise predictive customer conversations tomorrow.

“Retail is changing with the speed of light,” Greg Soussloff, SAS vice president of U.S. retail, CPG, comms, and media sales, says. “This represents a tremendous opportunity for SAS, and it’s exciting to be able to provide that kind of value to our customers.”

Why You Need to See the SAS Booth at NRF

When I stop by the SAS booth (#2842) early next week, this is what I have to look forward to:

  • SAS’ omnichannel analytics strategy: For precise delivery of the brand promise throughout the cross-channel journey at every key touchpoint, these are the cutting edge analytics I can’t wait to delve into. I’m also hoping to wedge my way into SAS’ Exhibitor Insight Session (Monday, January 16 at 4 p.m.) on omnichannel analytics, featuring Chris McCann of and Eileen Rizzo of Macy’s Inc. Seating will no doubt be tight, so get there early.
  • Virtual reality retail analytics: I can’t wait to put on a headset and walk through a virtual reality store that marries powerful analytics with the future of data visualization. Talk about a powerful tool for store designers, planners, and marketers.
  • How the best of the best developed their approach to analytics: There’s a great opportunity here as both Tim Mummers, chief data officer of, and Jon Francis, vice president of analytics for Starbucks, will visit the SAS booth during NRF to share details of their analytics journey. Follow @SASsoftware for updates on times.

Why Intel Is So Excited to Partner With SAS

It’s easy to partner with a company that produces great products and is comprised of great people, a company that takes its role as a leading student of the industry seriously. It’s also because SAS has consistently taken full advantage of the performance, scalability, and security advantages of Intel-based technologies. Whether working on-premises or in the cloud, whether the data is derived from Intel-based point of sale devices or Intel-based mobile devices in the hands of associates — or even from Intel’s newest technologies for real-time in-store streaming analysis and aggregation — SAS and Intel proudly work hand-in-hand.

That all combines for quite an exciting presence for all of us at NRF 2017. And, most importantly, all of it is to benefit you, our great retail customers. Make sure to set up a time to visit the SAS booth and see how the now frontier of analytics can help your business get ahead.

See you in New York.

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