Save Lives, Prevent Equipment Failures, and Gain Insights at the Edge

Internet of Things (IoT) technologies from Intel and SAP enable innovative solutions far from the data center

Can a supervisor on an oil rig know immediately when critical equipment fails? Can a retail store manager provide customers with an up-to-date, customized experience without waiting for back-end analysis from the parent company’s data center? A few years ago, the answer would have been a clear “no.” But today, real-time, actionable data at the edge is a reality.

Innovative technologies from Intel and SAP can enable automated responses and provide critical insights at remote locations. The unique joint solutions enable companies to dramatically improve worker safety, equipment reliability, and customer engagement, all without an infrastructure overhaul. For example, technicians on a remote, deep-sea oil rig can be equipped with sensors that detect each technician’s location, heart rate, and exposure to harmful gasses. Additionally, sensors powered by Intel Quark SoCs can be placed on equipment throughout the oil rig to monitor for leaks or fires. The collective data from these sensors is fed to an Intel IoT Gateway and processed to provide data visualization and a browser interface that is easily accessible from any device.

From any location on the rig with Wi-Fi access, supervisors can monitor worker health and safety data from an app running on a tablet device. In addition, automated alerts and alarms can signal when an employee is in danger or a critical malfunction has occurred. All of this processing can happen in real time, on-site, without depending on a reliable wide-area network (WAN) connection to a back-end server that might be hundreds or thousands of miles away.

When the WAN connection is available, the SAP Remote Data Sync service synchronizes data with SAP HANA running in the cloud or in the data center. This synchronization provides cloud-based reporting and back-end SAP integration for long-range analysis


With IoT sensors, Intel IoT Gateway, and SAP software, businesses can improve safety and gain real-time insights right at the edge.

To learn more about the joint Intel and SAP solution at the edge, read the solution brief Business Intelligence at the Edge.

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