Seamless Connectivity: How Businesses Benefit from Intel Unite

Technology is supposed to make life easier. But with the wide range of cumbersome technologies out there, collaboration on projects and meetings can seem more challenging than ever. Why? Many of the products available don’t communicate well with each other. Setup is often convoluted, and the collaboration features don’t mimic intuitive, real-life methods of communication. Intel Unite is helping to streamline these efforts and simplify collaboration, and small and midsize businesses are seeing the benefits.


Easy Collaboration

Small and midsize businesses often have limited resources to invest in technology, so when they make a purchase, it absolutely must deliver. While other solutions still require cords to share screens and offer limited real-time collaboration, Intel Unite cuts out the hassle of tech setup, leaving more time to actually get work done.

The following IT service providers shared their experiences deploying Intel Unite for their small and midsize customers:

Maximum Efficiency

Steve Riat, a sales manager at Nex-Tech, says the best part of Unite is its ease of use. Intel saw that customers were tired of fumbling with adapters and cords, so they made the whole system wireless.

“Getting our customers up to speed on Intel Unite was really smooth, and customers liked what they saw,” Riat says. “They found it simple to use. It’s easy to connect systems wirelessly, and there are no wires or adapters to worry about. Any business that has a conference room or offices spread out geographically will like the efficiency and professionalism that Intel Unite brings to their meetings.”

Cost Effective and Secure

Collaboration and screen-sharing software costs can add up fast. Security concerns are also on the rise. Lyle Epstein, President and CEO of Kortek Solutions, found that Intel Unite offers low entry costs combined with no recurring license or support fees, all without sacrificing security.

“For our small and midsize business customers, Intel Unite is a great fit. It’s easy to deploy on their corporate network, and it’s well protected with data encryption. At a price point of $600 to $800, it’s a great value and extremely competitive. The collaboration functionality that Intel Unite adds to customers’ conference rooms — easy connections, robust sharing, plus excellent security and vPro-based remote manageability — is significant."

Long Term Value

Small businesses need to invest in solutions that can grow with them. Just because they don’t have or need conference rooms now, doesn’t mean that will remain true forever. That’s why Intel Unite has several modes, making it easy to change as you grow. Keith Schoolcraft, CEO of a COUPLE of GURUS, says room for growth should always be a prerequisite for small business IT solutions.

"Many of our customers are putting a PC in their conference rooms, and in those situations Intel Unite brings incremental value at no additional cost,” says Schoolcraft. “That’s a win-win for us and our customers. Also, we like putting in solutions that have value and functionality that the customer will grow into. For example, some customers don’t have multiple conference rooms yet, so they don’t need Intel Unite’s ‘Managed’ mode. But when they do, we can show them the value we’ve already installed, ready to go."

Does your small business need to streamline collaboration? Learn more about Intel Unite, and explore our other small business solutions to help your business thrive.