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As I crawl closer to the 100 blog mark, I wanted to visually understand the word frequency of topics I have discussed

Word Frequency - Communities Security 1.jpg

Thanks to the cool applet at generated the following word frequency data visualization image for my blogs hosted on

This is pure eye candy, but I noticed over the years I have focused heavily on words such as Systems, Company, and of course Security.  What I find interesting  is the diverse set of topics in the next grouping down.  Fun topics like attackers, botnets, people, infections, access and hardware.  In the future, I want to focus more on the latter and frame such topics in a strategic way.

Drop me a line if you have thoughts or  topic requests.

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Matthew Rosenquist is a Cybersecurity Strategist for Intel Corp and benefits from 20+ years in the field of security. He specializes in strategy, measuring value, and developing cost effective capabilities and organizations which deliver optimal levels of security. Matthew helped with the formation of the Intel Security Group, an industry leading organization bringing together security across hardware, firmware, software and services. An outspoken advocate of cybersecurity, he strives to advance the industry and his guidance can be heard at conferences, and found in whitepapers, articles, and blogs.