Build Modern Security and Collaboration Solutions with Latest Intel SDKs

Developers-meeting-conference-roomCustom technology is a critical success factor to businesses today. Working with our developer ecosystem, we’re committed to delivering integrated solutions that help businesses achieve this success while powering a modern workforce.

Today, we’re excited to see what developers are building using our software development kits for security with the newly released Intel Authenticate SDK and in collaboration with our Intel Unite SDK.

Expand Multifactor Innovation with the Intel Authenticate SDK

As sophisticated attack methods make passwords increasingly ineffective, identity protection has never been more critical. Our strategy is to help protect businesses using a hardware-based approach to identity protection.

Intel® Authenticate is our hardware-enhanced multi-factor authentication solution that helps protect user credentials. IT professionals have the flexibility to create custom security policies with assurance that policies, factors, and encrypted credentials are stored in hardware.  This new level of protection includes a range of factors based on business needs, like Bluetooth proximity using iOS or Android smartphones, fingerprint, PIN, and Intel Active Management Location.

For developers, this is a significant opportunity to extend the value of these factors and elevate the security posture of apps with our new Intel Authenticate SDK. The SDK can be used to create custom combinations of hardened and external authentication factors to enhance data security for enterprises.

Our partnership with Intercede, a leading cybersecurity provider specializing in digital identity technologies, is a great example of extending the value of Intel® Authenticate. The collaboration has enabled Intercede’s MyID software to use Intel® Authenticate as the authentication platform replacing passwords with hardware protected digital identities for increased security and convenience.

We encourage developers to learn more about our SDK and become a partner by signing up here:

Extend the Value of Meetings with our Intel Unite SDK

We also want to build great experiences with our developers that change the game in collaboration with our Intel® Unite™ solution.

The office is undergoing rapid transformation and how we work is fundamentally changing. The movement to an open office environment is driving better collaboration, but also creating tension in the need to access ‘huddle rooms’ where teams can meet and thoughtfully collaborate without disruption whether they’re in the room or remote. We see an opportunity working with our developer community to make these meeting spaces smart and connected with our Intel® Unite™ offering.

Developers can take advantage of our SDK to build differentiated collaboration capabilities, integrating the control of existing conferencing equipment, collaboration software, or even room lighting. Video conferencing provider Zoom for example built a plug-in using the Intel Unite SDK to extend their Zoom software beyond devices into meeting rooms. Learn more and download the SDK for Intel® Unite™.

Whether you’re looking to optimize collaboration or enhance security measures at your enterprise, we want to support your development needs. Continue the conversation on Twitter by following @IntelITCenter and find more developer resources inside the Intel Developer Zone.