Security in virtual environment

I have written in the past about key IT considerations while implementing virtualization.

One of the key elements that change going from a non-virtualized environment to virtual environment is the security model. The security model needs some additional considerations going to virtual environment.

I and a few of my colleagues who meet with IT end customers deploying virtualization on a regular basis have realized that there are some frequently asked questions/concerns and also misconceptions about protection in virtualized environment. We also did a bit of research on types of documents available to help IT understand the topic of security model in virtualized environment better, but found most articles to be either outright dismissive of security concerns or took a very opposite theoretical and conservative view on lack of security.

So with the help of our architects we developed the below white paper with an intent to help IT managers, strategists and implementers understand resource protection in virtualized environment better. We also address some of the frequently asked questions and typical misconceptions with security in virtual datacenter.

The white paper essentially takes a balanced view and provides an overview of security model changes, challenges and considerations that organizations must address when implementing virtualization. It introduces hardware, software, and policy measures available to help address those challenges, including their strengths and limitations and then closes with a brief discussion of some key issues associated with security in emerging cloud computing usage models.

Let us know what you feel.