Security Predictions for 2011 and Beyond

It is that time of year again when security professionals dust off their crystal ball and forecast what the future of security holds.  I have been reading many good insights, most of which I wholeheartedly agree.

Here are a few from the news which I support:

  • Bigger players, mostly defense industry, are joining the ranks and establishing security foundations and even external services
  • Custom malware will continue to increase
  • Social engineering attacks will continue with no end in sight, as it targets the weakest link: people
  • Regulations worldwide will increase, in the attempt to spur more security
  • As cloud computing grows, especially with small and medium sized organizations, so will attacks and exploits

Sources for more reading: SANS, Symantic, Imperva, CIO, Unisys

Here are my contributions to the collective list:

  1. More specialized attacks, directed toward specific targets and objectives.  Sophistication will increase and attackers will be more bold in target selection and follow-through.  Organizations with sufficient resources, motivation, and audacity will top the list.  This will include governments, organized crime, and extreme political groups making the leap forward.
  2. Social media sites will be targeted (insert your favorite site where you identify your associates, list your affiliations, volunteer your private data, and willingly disclose your current/routine locations) by attackers as the value of the social data itself will prove valuable.  This will result in the worst kind of cyber-attacks, ones which support the targeting, tracking, and injury/death of others.   Sadly I think we will see the spark of such activities this year, with sustained increase, albeit stealthily, for years to come.
  3. Attackers will be targeted.  On a positive note, I foresee authority organizations will begin attacking the attackers with more ferocity than seen before.  Look for a major uptick in prosecution (not just from a judicial perspective) of cyber attackers from many different governments, service providers, and organizations worldwide.  This will continue to trend up for several years.
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