Selecting PC Technology to Increase Employee Productivity

Over the past decade, Intel IT has evolved our employee PC strategy to best fit the needs of Intel employees.  The result?  Mobile Business PCs (MB-PC) are the pervasive standard within Intel and meet the needs of over 80 percent of our employees.

With the vast majority of our employees working "on the go" the decision came down to how to best balance key business drivers of cost control vs business agility and productivity. The performance and flexibility a MB-PC provides our employees helps them work more productively while also helping IT reduce costs and maintain a secure, highly manageable environment.

I invite you to read about this strategy in our new Intel IT whitepaper titled “Increasing Productivity with Mobile PCs”.  Inside this paper you will find out key facts about our Mobile business PC strategy:

  • How adoption of a MB-PC strategy has resulted in a 67 percent decrease in TCO for Intel over 11 years

  • How often we refresh our employee PCs to balance costs and employee productivity

  • Why Intel® vPro™ Technology, Intel SSD technology and Microsoft Windows 7* are included in our 2010 employee PC refresh standard

  • Why the MB-PC is expected to remain our standard despite the emergence of new technology devices (like netbooks, handhelds, etc.)

  • Why the MB-PC is expected to remain our standard despite the emergence of new  usage models (like client virtualization and cloud computing, etc).

The Intel IT team looked closely at the perceieved security advantages of a thin client computing model and see the MB-PC standard providing equivalent security controls without giving up the functionality that is sacrificed with a thin-client computing model.

What does your IT organization do to boost productivity and lower costs?