Selecting the Right BYOD Strategy

IT organizations around the world are or should be struggling with this critical decision. And it is not an easy one.  The number of strategies available to an IT organization are on par with the number of devices and OS variants that employees want to bring in.

Earlier this week, my social computing alerts shared an article titled "one way to manage BYOD" written by Kevin McCaney of Government Computing News. I was really excited by this article because Kevin based his article on what we were doing inside Intel IT - thanks Kevin

What got me writing this blog was that Kevin helped me put Intel IT's approach in a broader perspective across the spectrum of strategies available to IT by comparing our approach to those that some of our peers have taken or are considering. 

The spectrum or strategies for BYOD range from

  • Say Yes to Everything
  • Say No to Any
  • Something in the Middle

A balanced, middle-of-the-road approach has allowed Intel IT to maximize BYOD business value through providing flexibility to employees (boosting productivity) while minimizing the IT cost/burden of support while maintaining a no compromise approach to security and enterprise risk.

At Intel IT, our approach is working and evolving as fast as the number of device requests coming in from our employees

What approach do you and your IT org take to supporting the consumerization of IT?