Seniors Embrace Social Networking Using Intel-Powered Tablets


For care home residents, keeping in touch with family can be difficult. It’s not always possible for relatives to visit as often as they’d like, and family members might live far away.

Avery care homes in Lincolnshire, UK, is bringing its residents together with their families using Intel technology-based tablets and the Finerday social network. Finerday is designed to be easily used by seniors, but also engaging for children. Besides supporting private messaging, email, photo display, and sharing, it enables video messaging using just two buttons.

“The nice thing about the tablets,” says Helen Brown, regional recreation and leisure manager for Avery care homes, “is that the residents feel they are in control. Some residents were quite scared by the Internet and by computers, but they’ve found the tablet approachable. Many of them are comfortable using the on-screen keyboard and find the Windows tablet’s keyboard easier to use than others they’ve tried.”

Video Messaging Resonates with Residents

The portability means residents can use the tablets in their own rooms, which is especially helpful for those with hearing impairments, who can use it somewhere quiet.

The video messages are a popular feature with both residents and their family members. “Residents often get emotional using Finerday,” says Brown. “One of our residents has two loved ones who live abroad. They love being able to talk to each other. The family members say that although they can talk to the carers to hear how their mum is doing, they feel so happy when they see her on the screen in front of them, and can see she is happy.”

Top-Performing Tablets Use Intel Technology

Though Avery Lodge has used Finerday on a number of devices, “The Dell tablet with the Intel Atom processor is definitely the preferred tablet of all the ones we’ve tried,” says Brown. “The experience on Windows 8 is absolutely fantastic. Rather than the wait we had on previous tablets, the Intel technology-based tablets provide the information straight away. There are no pauses or gaps, which can be confusing for residents with dementia who don’t understand why we’ve stopped, or that we’re waiting for a page to load.”

The project has been so successful that Brown and her colleague Kerry Angeloni won an award for Best Care Initiative at the 2014 Nursing and Residential Care awards for introducing Finerday.

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Jane Williams

Online Sales Development Manager

Intel Corporation