Setting a Roadmap for the Cloud Journey Ahead

Individuals and businesses have come to expect seamless computing experiences from a variety of mobile devices, wherever they are in the world. Intel IT is actively evolving our enterprise private cloud model to advance our ability to deliver needed applications and services at a moment’s notice anywhere on the globe.

Our cloud journey is transforming the way we do business. As we virtualize computing capability, networking and storage we gain nearly instant access to capabilities. An evolution to software-defined infrastructure drives efficiency, speed, performance, and cost saving by moving control and orchestration of shared resources to the cloud using a standard interface.

So, how does the business value add up?

Consider our move from a proprietary, fixed-function RISC Unix* design compute environment to an agile Intel® architecture and Linux compute environment. This software-defined compute environment allows for server segmentation driving the automation of compute workloads. Not many data centers can claim a server utilization rate of over 90%. That’s exactly what Intel is seeing in our newest data centers. Couple that with the accumulated capital equipment expenditure savings of $1.4 billion within the first five years and the business value becomes crystal clear.

Using the cloud to extend our test capabilities and accelerate product cycles, we have moved away from the need to bring up a server and network at each physical test location. In the new model, computing required for product validation is provisioned through the cloud – we call this iLab. Product validation teams around the world and our external partners, can work in tandem in the same test lab. Virtual machines provide secure, elastic spaces of on-demand compute. Test programs are automatically provisioned through the cloud in just hours, or even minutes. Intel IT and our Client Computing Group have seen a three to four week improvement in product qualification times. The business value of getting products to market faster is a big win for everyone.

Product Qualification

When it comes to storage area networks (SAN), historically our capacity comes in fixed sized containers—like an appliance. To expand that capacity, we had to buy additional capital equipment in these large incremental blocks. It was an all or nothing proposition. Software-defined storage solutions offer flexibility to expand capacity horizontally, in smaller increments, and provision across a wide range of storage devices. It comes back to the idea of orchestrating resource management in the cloud.

As our cloud journey unfolds, we see the value in being able to seamlessly move between the Intel private cloud and the public cloud in a very automatic way. At the heart of IT innovation is customer-led demand across all of our business groups for faster time to insight and results. As our hybrid cloud strategy emerges we envision a future were cloud provisioning for new capabilities is secure and automatic. What does your cloud journey look like? Learn more about how Intel IT is advancing our cloud strategy to continually increase agility and cost-efficiency for our business groups in the 2015-2016 Intel IT Annual Performance Report.