Shaping the Evolution of Cloud Technology

By Imad Sousou

At Intel, we firmly believe the industry moves forward faster when everyone is collaborating openly and innovating rapidly. This is why we are strong supporters of open source software and focused on upstreaming our code. These commitments are a key reason Intel is recognized as the leading contributor to the Linux kernel and a top contributor to OpenStack, AOSP, Chromium, BlueZ, and connman among others. In each of these cases, Intel collaborates across the industry to see technologies advance and help transitions occur.

Today, we are proud to join the Cloud Native Computing Foundation—also backed by Google, Cisco, IBM, VMware, Twitter, Box, Cycle Computing, CoreOS, Goldman Sachs, Joyent, Mesosphere, Red Hat, SUPERNAP, Twitter – as this foundation will help shape the evolution of cloud technology as application management evolves while easing the adoption and implementation process. These efforts further Intel’s drive to support the entire cloud ecosystem and help ensure technology solutions have a path to adoption.

This effort ties in nicely with the Clear Linux Project for Intel Architecture that Intel announced earlier this year. The Clear Linux distribution provides a reference implementation for features within Intel platforms. Our intent is for companies to look at the code, adopt it, and then implement it within their own solutions.

This is why I am personally excited to see the advances from companies like CoreOS. In addition to their Tectonic preview announcement today and the training we will do together, CoreOS demonstrated an integration of Tectonic with Kubernetes, using Intel® Clear Container technology, as part of Clear Linux. This demo illustrates how Clear Container technology allows a virtual machine (VM) to act as a container, providing the rapid-boot time needed for cloud applications, but with the security model of a VM.

I love seeing this type of innovation. It’s exactly what we need to drive greater adoption of cloud technology.

For two years, Intel has worked to make Software Defined Infrastructure (SDI) a reality within IT departments worldwide. The industry has come a long way and work on projects like OpenStack is being validated today by the number of deployments by key companies in the past year. Our collaboration with Red Hat, Canonical, HP Helion, Mesosphere, Rackspace, Mirantis and others continues to advance enterprise cloud availability and functionality.