Sharing Intel ITs journey to fully deploy Intel® vPro™ Use Cases

Before I begin I just wanted to share that this is my first attempt at blogging and I’m really excited to try out this new medium (at least for me J).

My name is Gal Eylon, I’m a program manager within Intel IT and I am leading a team which is responsible for vPro adoption activities across our enterprise. Recently we have posted a white paper ( Implementing Intel(r) vPro(tm) Technology to Drive Down Client Management Costs ) that details the journey we have gone through in order to fully deploy vPro use cases within our production environment. The white paper walks you through our architecture and engineering phases and then takes a deep dive into the operational phase – which made use case deployment a reality for Intel.

Although our journey was not easy (and has only begun…) – we are pretty pleased from our results and hope you would benefit from this white paper and that it would ease your adoption activities within your environment. In addition - I would appreciate if you would share some of the experiences, BKMs and challenges you are facing within your enterprise. If you are looking for additional info regarding our adoption activities please let me know and I’ll be more than happy to share.

Happy New Year!