Sharing our Intel IT Best Practices on Cloud, and genius children in Mozambique

Hello Again,

While my blogging has been infrequent, I do want to share a little bit now, and if I start doing small blogs, I am hoping I will do more…  so short blog tonight, again on a plane, no clouds in sight though.

Ever since Intel IT started sharing what we pulled off with Compute IaaS in our enterprise private Cloud in late 2010, we have been getting called upon by many large enterprises to share how we did it.  The most fascinating thing I have found about Cloud is that it is relevant in every single sector of business that has IT.  We are in an interesting moment of convergence of requirements from how people expect and want to work and live.  The move towards pervasive mobility and the desire to get and share information anywhere and everywhere at any time is driving the app developers to require scalable accessible platforms to build their apps on so they can focus on their end users.  And IT in every single sector has a major role to play here to make this successful, I have yet to find a single sector that doesn’t want and need this to survive.  In the past when I did Grid Computing, it was nearly impossible to find other IT shops that we could discuss ideas with, now with Cloud the concepts of an accessible infrastructure and application platform is really sinking in, and everyone wants to go.

What we did at Intel IT isn’t really that mind blowing when compared to some of the Public Cloud solutions out there, but what we did has set a trail for other large enterprises to embark on, and I personally really enjoy helping them go faster down the path to enable their employees with the best accessible solutions possible.

We are in an exciting transformation time right now, where the public and private clouds are really going to help us move faster in our technical hyper evolution, and the power is way beyond just growing businesses, the opportunities are endless for anyone who has an innovative idea inside of our companies to supply a new productivity solution, or a genius 12 year old in Mozambique that has an idea on how to make solar panels more efficient.

To close out the blog, I am going to share our 3 big business focus areas for Cloud into the next year

  1. Increase our capital utilization – this is through federation, larger pools – same approach we took in driving up our Grid environment to 80% utilization.  All while maintaining strong quality of service.
  2. Increased Velocity at a regular cadence – compute IaaS is just the start, next we need to ensure we have data (structured, unstructured, file, object) services exposed, and we need to tackle the time it takes to get new solutions out the door, we can bog ourselves down in our path to production… and my goal is Innovative Idea to Production Service in under a day.  A combination of PaaS and more IaaS will get us there, as well as more automation to make scaling/functional testing and release management a non-laborious process.
  3. Zero Business Impact – no application/services downtime… embrace Design for Failure, this is how we manage our Grid, and this is how the successful web software apps are running.  No matter how much money you spend on extra pipes, extra power, extra servers, you will have a failure.  Assume it, and build your software to deal with it correctly, go active/active across multiple data centers, push your software vendors to think differently.  At the same time we know we have tons of legacy apps that were written 3 months ago, so we need to ensure we are resilient at the core, but without overspending.

My next blog will be in our top 10+ goals for our Cloud investments moving forward, and as usual would love to hear what you are doing with Cloud.



Intel IT Cloud Lead