Showcasing SDI and Emerging Technologies at IDF16


When I talk to enterprise IT leaders about their goals and strategies, many tell me they are seeking a path to on-premises cloud deployments. These forward-looking executives recognize that delivering more agile and efficient IT services is a key to fueling business growth, and that cloud environments can get them there.

This brings us to a topic that will be in the spotlight at the upcoming Intel Developer Forum in San Francisco: software-defined infrastructure. Intel® Software Defined Infrastructure is one of the fundamental requirements for cloud deployments and modern data centers, and it will be at the heart of several sessions and presentations at IDF16.

I’m particularly excited about the events that will dive into new and emerging technologies for SDI, because software-defined approaches are an essential building block for data centers that can flex and grow at the pace of digitally driven business. To kick it off on Monday, the day before the formal opening of IDF, the Intel Builder’s Summit will gather executives in cloud, network and storage to accelerate partner collaborations and broad ecosystem innovation. Throughout the day, we’ll cover topics such as new technologies driving orchestration and optimization, the security challenges data centers are facing, and what’s possible when a vibrant ecosystem of partners work together toward the delivery of open, flexible and virtualized solutions.

In a keynote address to the Builders Summit, I’ll look at the business opportunity cloud solution delivery provides, how the industry is progressing in the delivery of SDI, and how Intel Builders aims to accelerate this market opportunity toward Intel’s vision of the delivery of tens of thousands of new clouds.

In the three days that follow, IDF16 attendees will have many other opportunities to dive into SDI-related topics. Here are just a few of the sessions that will give you a close-up look at SDI this week.

  • Delivering Efficient Management Solutions with Telemetry Optimized SDI—On Monday afternoon, my colleague Nick Weaver will moderate a Builders Summit panel focused on the state of telemetry technologies and the creation of efficient data center solutions through the use of telemetry-optimized SDI. This panel will put a spotlight on industry leaders and innovators as they discuss where telemetry technologies are headed and how they will impact the dynamics of data centers.
  • Evolving Data Center Infrastructure: Intelligent and Software Defined—On Wednesday morning, Das Kamhout and Brian Womack will take a deep dive into today’s evolving data center infrastructure. Growing numbers of data centers are moving rapidly toward scale-out software-defined infrastructure that can quickly process and correlate massive amounts of data. Das and Brian will highlight the merging of next-generation technologies and existing solutions, explore forward-looking solutions, and discuss the next phase of intelligent infrastructure—which is infrastructure that starts to think for itself.
  • “Snap Lab”: Using Snap to Implement Telemetry—Wednesday afternoon, Nick Weaver, Nan Liu, Dan Bode, and Mike Taylor will offer a hands-on lab session focused on the use of Snap to implement telemetry in today’s data centers. Snap is an open source platform telemetry framework that makes it easier to access data related to the underlying data center infrastructure. It gives system administrators a more comprehensive view of infrastructure capabilities, utilization, and events in real time.

Outside of the technical sessions, the Intel Builders community is bringing 26 partner demos to the IDF showcase, in addition to the 19 demos in the Intel Pavilion. Collectively, these demos show the readiness of optimized solutions, built on Intel technology, that are helping end users along the path to SDI. The demos cut across a range of data center technologies — including cloud, network, and storage.

A few examples from the Intel Builders demos:

  • CoreOS will showcase a hyperscale-like cloud infrastructure for all data centers.
  • Canonical will demonstrate OpenStack, various network and IoT devices, and network functions using Intel technology running Ubuntu OS.
  • NetApp will demonstrate software-defined scale-out file services for enterprise deployments.

I hope you can catch some of the demos from our partners, as well as the technical sessions at IDF16. You can check out the full slate of activities here. In the meantime, learn more about our SDI technologies and collaborations at