Singles’ Day Frenzy Powered by Intel Xeon Processors

Thinking of finally getting that space-age, curved, flat screen TV? If you’re in China, 11/11 was your lucky day. It’s Singles' Day – the largest online shopping event in the world. Hundreds of millions of people flocked to online Chinese portals this week, snapping up everything from umbrellas to phones to 2-in-1s.

CNBC reported each Singles' Day shopper was expected to spend an average of $287 this year. Just when you’re trying to reconcile that figure against a reported slowdown in the Chinese economy, read CNN Money’s take on Alibaba’s recent Q3 revenue, which rose 32%, leaving many investors happy and analysts confused.

Alibaba hit $14.3B in sales
The Chinese equivalent of Amazon, Singles' Day is a huge deal for Alibaba. According to the BBC, the company clocked $3B in sales in the first half hour, with an eye-watering $1.6B pouring in, during the first 12 minutes after midnight.

Last year, the company topped over $9B in sales in a span of 24 short hours on 11/11. That’s more than the entire 2014 GDP of Malta!

Intel is at the heart of Singles' Day

Here are a few ways Intel partnered with Alibaba to ensure a seamless Singles' Day this year:

  • More than 530 Alibaba CDN clusters now run on Intel® Xeon® processors, Intel® SSDs, and high speed Ethernet adapters globally, which dramatically speed up access times.
  • AliCloud, Alibaba’s cloud-computing subsidiary, processed a total of 140,000 transactions per second at peak and it runs on run on Intel Xeon processors.

blog photo2.jpg

Today, Alibaba has 530 CDN data clusters, which all run on Intel Xeon processor-based servers. These servers drive the huge online traffic

during today's Singles' Day shopping frenzy. Pictured above are Alibaba Thousand Island data centers, powering Singles' Day, within the Alibaba organization.

While Alibaba looks to us as one Intel team, behind the scenes, a small army of Intel employees in China and across the world are working with Alibaba. They hail from sales and marketing, data center, memory and storage, networking, software and security, IoT, and the Labs.

“Intel is a huge supporter of the 11/11 shopping experience,” says Rupal Shah, SMG VP and GM of Intel China, in a short video featured on online shopping site “We’ve been partnering very closely with Alibaba not only on the front end, but also behind the scenes, where the Alibaba data center is powered by Intel Xeon microprocessors, SSDs and networking gear.”

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Raejeanne Skillern is General Manager, Cloud Service Providers for Intel.