Small Business IT Tune-up: Contest Winner #2

Last month, I introduced you to the first winner of our IT Tuneup Contest for small business: Josh Shannonhouse from Button Dodge in Kokomo, IN. Now it’s time to meet winner #2: Dr. Eric Oristian, a pediatric surgeon from Silver Springs, MD.

Dr. Oristian’s situation was typical of many small businesses. As a busy physician with a successful practice, he was focused entirely on delivering quality medical care without the time or inclination to manage a small-business network server – or even to enter the Intel IT Tuneup Contest. Luckily, his IT provider Joe Cox of EastNet Communications spotted the contest in a channel publication and his daughter Christy, on a break from college, submitted a video entry for her father.

In her video, Christy Oristian described a dire situation: “Daddy’s server—the one that keeps track of all our computers and patient information—is from the year 2000. It uses tapes for backup and the operating system is something called Windows NT, which I am starting to think may have been the operating system on the world’s very first computer.”

Many small businesses discover that it’s time for a hardware upgrade when they need to update their software.  Dr. Oristian’s old Windows NT server could no longer support the recommended version of his practice management software. Suddenly, he looked at steep expenses to upgrade both.

Fortunately, Dr. Oristian was selected as a winner of the IT Tuneup Contest, and could rely on his current IT service provider, Joe Cox, to implement the prize package, which included a well-equipped Intel® Xeon® Processor 400 Series-based pedestal server. One of the major benefits of the new server was its remote management capabilities. As Dr. Oristian put it, “Now I can stop trying to be the onsite IT guy and concentrate on my real job: taking care of patients, and not the computers.”

Read the full case-study to learn more about the details of Dr. Oristian’s Small Business IT makeover