Smart Tools to Enhance Employee Productivity

2009 Intel IT Performance Report: Creating Business Value

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Increasing employee productivity is a core focus for any IT organization, including Intel IT.  From the selection of PC standards, deployment of new technologies to the efficient operation of the service desk, all of these operational choices can have a dramatic impact on creating or hindering employee productivity. 

A Flexible Standard: For the majority of our employees at Intel, the IT department has chosen a Mobile Business PC (sometimes called a rich mobile client) as our employee standard.   We have found that a platform (consisting of a high performance laptop with features that support wireless technology, remote management capability (Intel vPro) and advanced technologies (SSDs) provide a solution that fits the majority of our diverse workforce needs, keeping them computing even when on the road or from home.  A recent employee study showed us that 80% of our employees work away from their assigned desk, meaning that local compute performance is vital for both work/life flexibility and business efficiency.  This whitepaper illustrates the key learnings from our migration from a desktop based fleet to a mobile fleet, reducing TCO by 67% in the process.

Accelerating the Pace of Business: Helping our employees find, share and using information real time to make decisions is another aspect that can dramatically impact employee productivity. By deploying unified messaging solutions, social computing tools and video conferencing we are able to reduce Intel's operating costs, while streamlining information sharing and collaboration. For sales employees who work remotely most of the time (our road warriors), access to information via corporate handheld devices keeps them in touch with their customers in a real-time way - and now more employees are asking for access to corporate services on their own personal devices.  Intel just recently enabled employees to sign up for a BYO smartphone program where email, calendar and contacts is made available for certain authorized personal devices.  This program is less than a month old (launched Jan 2010) and over 3,000 people have signed up for this support.

Improving User Experience: By deploying user based IT tools to proactively manage employee PC environments with maintenance processes that reduce the IT load giving valuable performance back to our employees.  In addition by monitoring and fixing root causes of PC blue screens proactively, we have cut the frequency of blue screens by more than 50% further boosting productivity by eliminating problems before they occur. These techniques and technologies now have employee customer satisfaction level of our service desk above 90 percent, with 80 percent of user issues resolved on the first call

Explore our latest IT Annual Performance Report where we discuss more about the tools, techniques and technologies that we are using to help boost employee productivity and create business efficiencies inside Intel.