Social Computing for Service Desk at Intel

Time really flies, we are already in February 2010. I still remember the question being posted by Saqib on a post by Steve Bell (My Time, My Key Learning's for Social Computing), decided to post an update on the Social Media adoption in Service Desk.

Back in early 2009, we were given the chance to conduct POC (proof of concept) on a winning idea on opening up an alternate contact channel to end user for handling “How Do I?” type of inquiry and also to promote learning organization within Intel. Through selection of platform for the new contact channel, the team decided to use the new community network (includes blog, forum and groups (a.k.a Communities)) as the platform for communication. We started small, by piloting only 3 software applications support (setting up 3 groups (communities)) and few key Service Desk analysts to be involve in the pilot project. Once we have everything in place, we started to promote the new contact channels to the rest of Intel’s employee via email.

We face some challenges at the beginning as end users got use to calling, emailing or chatting with ServiceDesk to get help and putting another contact channel does not seem to impress the end user. We decided to change our marketing strategy, in mid-2009 the team participate in a innovation competition where we setup booth to introduce the new groups (communities) to end user and this time we are smarter, instead of telling the end user that it’s a alternate contact channel to get help from Service Desk, we change our marketing approach by telling end user that is a new social network communities for the specific software where people come together to share knowledge, BKMs (Best-Known-Method), and also to get support. I could recall vividly, throughout the exhibition day I was telling end user that if they like FaceBook they will definitely love the groups (communities) we setup. Since then, we starting to see growth in size for the pilot groups (communities).

In November 2009, even better news come by, the pilot team got an engagement to setup a new support group (communities) for handheld devices. The new support group went live end of January 2010, it’s been 3 weeks since we last started the new group (communities), we have 200 plus members and around 150 communication entries. The new support channel through community network community is growing, the team is confident to establish more groups (communities) for software application that ServiceDesk support.