Social Media Panel- coming to IDF

As Bob Duffy mentioned in, IT@Intel is hosting and doing a live stream of a social media panel, "Social Media: IT Friend or Foe?", on September 18th during IDF 2007. We are priviledged to have Tom Foremski from Silcon Valley Watcher moderating the panel of IT web 2.0 mavens inside Intel. Who are the mavens you ask?

Jeff Moriarty, one of Intel IT's key creators of Intel's internal social media strategy.

Eleanor Wynn, expert on social networking technologies conducts social research for Intel IT

John G. Miner, a methodologist who has studied the disruptive effects that web 2.0 has on the classic IT processes

Don Conant, senior legal representative addressing the legal & ethical challenges as IT pushes further into web 2.0

In addition to Intel's IT experts, Pete Kaminski, CTO & Co-founder of Socialtext, the first wiki company and leading provider of Enterprise 2.0 will be a voice on the panel.

Come to discuss your thoughts on how social media is a friend, foe or both of IT. See you on the 18th in San Francisco. P.S. If you haven't registered yet, and want to save some money, check out the discount codes I mentioned in