Software Innovation for a Better Mobile Experience

Managing the Changing IT Landscape: Business Transformation

I blogged last week about transforming the business through IT, with a focus on the devices and infrastructure that drive the mobile experience.

When we take a step back, though, we see that the experience also depends on the business value that applications provide. This is something that Doug Fisher, VP of software and services, touched on in his IDF13 keynote.

So now I want to turn to these software and applications that help create a better mobile experience. Several areas of innovation layers lie between the hardware infrastructure and the user experience — and all must be addressed to enable a good experience. Intel’s Director of Interaction and Experience Research, Genevieve Bell (@feraldata), talked about the significance of the solution stack in her IDF keynote address “Seven Billion Mobile Futures, and Counting”  

software stack Genevieve Bell Intel IT Center.png

There is a wealth of critical components in the middle. As I left IDF, I noted two key focus areas for software innovation that are applicable to IT and business: HTML5 and five-star app performance.

HTML5: The magic bullet?

Today’s IT organizations are under intense pressure to produce business applications faster, better, and efficiently — yet those apps must be flexible enough to run on a range of devices and platforms. Since this growing need for apps shows no sign of slowing down, app developers must quickly get on board. HTML5 delivers a modern, “future-ready” development option with a range of benefits:

  • Familiar, open standard
  • Cross-platform support across devices
  • Lower cost of development
  • Faster time to market

Many developers who are gravitating to HTLM5 clearly state the advantages and objectives of “write once, run everywhere” as a key investment strategy. For this reason, HTML5 might just be the magic bullet needed to solve the challenges of enterprise app development, from system complexity and management costs to security and compliance. Be sure to visit Intel Developer Zone for more resources on HTML5.

Business-critical apps need five-star performance

One of my favorite authors, Stephen Covey, advises us to “begin with the end in mind.” When it comes to mobile business apps, we quickly realize the need for standards-based performance, compatibility, and security. Inside Intel IT, we have established a five-star app program to guide our innovation across the following five elements:

Intel IT Five Star Application Design Criteria.png

Others are also talking about the benefits of five-star programs as well. InfoWorld just published a link to a new webinar from Forrester and Crittercism on mobile app best practices. The webinar discusses methodologies for high-quality apps; how to measure app performance; and covers Forrester’s best practices on delivering a 5-star app performance

What software initiatives do you have in place to enable your mobile business?

Have HTML5 or five-star app programs made the list?

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