Unlocking Value for Customers

How products unleash solutions to accelerate business.

Looking at some of the products on the market today, the possibilities for further advancements to benefit our lives is amazing. We’ve reached an incredible inflection point where we are experiencing, every day, the real-world impact technology can have to better the world we live in.

While a lot of people know how fast data is being created, I think the scale of the data challenge isn’t widely understood. When we unveiled our new products for a data-centric era, the trends and drivers of data creation and consumption made it abundantly clear that data is the greatest challenge facing companies today, and businesses need to find ways to gain value from data to compete.

Solutions for the Real World

My work life revolves around the opportunity that innovations like our recent announcement of a portfolio of data-centric solutions to move store and process data to extract value, but for some it can be hard grasp the possibilities made real by these innovations.

Let’s talk about what we can do when we can harness and leverage data.

Healthcare Delivery: Heart disease is the leading cause of death in America for both men and women and, according to the CDC, 735,000 people have a heart attack every year in the US. Imagine what it would mean for families if we could find abnormalities and offer treatment faster – we could literally save lives.

Cardiac MRIs are the gold standard to identify abnormalities in the heart but there’s a shortage of skilled radiologists to interpret the images (and the manual process is time consuming and prone to errors).  Siemens Healthineers are tackling that issue head on using AI to identify and compare patterns from cardiac MRI imaging. Using 2nd Generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors with Intel® Deep Learning Boost, Siemens is processing 200 slices of an MRI scan per second, which means the entire heart can be processed in about one second.

AI is reducing the burden on radiologists and, at the same time, improving patient care while reducing costs for hospitals.

As a member of the board of trustees for Lafayette General Health, this use case resonates with me. The health care system is facing critical shortages (like many other industries) and needs to find ways to ensure we have the capacity to treat our aging baby boomers. If we can apply technology to support our doctors, nurses and technicians, our collective health care system wins – and so do the patients.

Business Growth: We talk about how 5G is changing the mobile landscape, but what we don’t talk about as often is the business challenges that telecommunications companies face in their race to deliver solutions and retain customers in an uber-competitive marketplace.

Vodafone, one of the world’s largest telecommunication companies, talks about these challenges with keeping up to date with the trends and demands of customers. It is also good example of a company that’s leveraging technology, including cloud with x86 based applications, to speed time to market for new products, while allowing them to access data faster and automate their businesses. The end result: higher degree of automation, greater reliability and the ability to scale up on demand to meet needs of the customer “at that moment”, which Vodafone says “will make us the best service provider on the planet”.

Businesses need the capacity to scale quickly to meet the rapidly changing demands of customers and they need to understand the data coming into their operations so they can adapt the changes faster and compete.

The Key to Unlocking Value

What these examples talk to is how companies are using products to create solutions – and that’s when they unlock value.

It’s easy to talk about how our products can do a lot of amazing things, but until those products are applied to a business issue or challenge, they aren’t a solution. That’s where you, the channel, come in. Hardware and software solutions will only get us part of the way there. You help unlock the value for customers.

The “unlocking of value” presents a significant business opportunity but we need to come together as a team, a diverse ecosystem of partners, to turn products into solutions. In a world that’s changing so rapidly, no one single organization has breadth of expertise needed to turn hardware and software into solutions, which is where accessing our growing ecosystem of partners comes in. This ecosystem provides a pool of resources that can be deployed to deliver real-life solutions built to address the specific business needs of your clients with the right combination of tools and services.