Some Tough Questions on Cloud Adoption and Strategy – Answered

Zen Kishimoto from AltaTerra Research hosted a panel where he asked Mark Thiele (Data Center Pulse), Joseph Tobolski (Accenture Technical Labs) and myself Chris Peters (Intel IT Department) some tough questions around public, private and hybrid cloud approaches.

I enjoyed the panel since it brought some very different perspectives to bear on some top-of-mind questions for IT professionals and executives in today's envirionment.  Cloud Technology was recently cited by Gartner as #1 on the top 10 strategic technologies for 2011.

Zen asked some many questions ranging from the business need/justfication for cloud to the IT strategies and implementation tactics.  A sample of some of the questions are provided below:  

- When discussing cloud with the CFO, what do you focus on? savings or agility?
- Where do you deploy SaaS, PaaS, IaaS?
- Are there any examples of PaaS in public cloud?
- How do I assess the OpEx and CapEx benefits of private clouds?
- Are cloud busting and hybrid cloud models real or simply a dream?
- Should organizations running on-premise private consider a hosted private cloud as an alternative?
- Can I move all my data centers to the cloud?

I invite you to listen to our answers to these questions in the webcast replay from Nov 10, 2010.