Speed, Power, and Mobility Make Creating Beautiful Content Easy

Professional photography is much more than setting scenes and snapping pictures. It requires state-of-the-art programs to stream, edit, and share large files, often in remote locations with connectivity limits. Fashion and advertising photographer Dixie Dixon knows the challenges of achieving success as a content creator.

“Finding a unique vision and edge in this industry really requires that I adopt new technologies very quickly,” she says. “I need speed; I need power; I need mobility. And that’s really why I choose Intel.”


For Dixon (seen above in her office) and many other professional content creators, the challenge is threefold:

  1. Share content immediately: Collaborate with clients and the creative team during a shoot to enable real-time tweaks.
  2. Multitask seamlessly: Manipulate large files and utilize multiple programs at once to edit and finalize images.
  3. Perform in all environments: Shooting in remote locations requires technology that performs without having to recharge constantly.

Dixon travels around the world to shoot photo campaigns for major clients who insist on the highest quality, and they want it delivered fast. Both demands require storage and performance in Dixon’s key technology. On a shoot, Dixon uses notebooks with Intel Core i7 processors to stream images she’s shooting in real time. The hair and makeup team, as well as the client, can view the shots and make quick changes to wardrobe, setting, and more, streamlining the process and reducing post-production time.

Shoot locations are often remote (below) and lack infrastructure to keep devices plugged in. Dixon is challenged to get the right shots in a short time period.


“At these remote locations I’ve got to have that extended battery life,” she says. “I’m constantly multitasking, running a bunch of different programs at the same time.” Intel Thunderbolt technology brings speed to large-volume applications, which is essential for demanding image-editing tasks.

Dixon also uses an Intel-based All-in-One PC in her home office, utilizing the large display and HD graphics to accurately edit photos and video. Once again, Thunderbolt enables quick image transferring from an external SSD, which means Dixon spends less time waiting and more time delivering award-winning photos.

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