Supercomputing 2011: Monday – Intel and the Top500

top500.bmp Today, the top500 list has been announced at SC11 in Seattle and it is fascinating. Published twice a year, this list acts like a scorecard on the industry's direction and health.

Intel is once again the #1 processor architecture on the list, fueling 384/500 entries, and providing over 56% of the processing flops on the list.  The #1 processor on the list may still be the Xeon Processor 5600 series, but we are very excited to see the first 10 listings of the Xeon Processor E5 family.  When these listings combine with the already public announcement of petaflop systems (GENCI, LRZ, IFERC), Sandy Bridge is making a huge impact on the Supercomputing Landscape.  While the top10 systems on the list remain unchanged for this cycle, don't expect that to happen again in June 2012

The top500 list brings to light some good data on initial Xeon Processor E5 performance.  The top Rmax (Linpack) score for the 10 systems is 146 Gigaflops per socket.  This is a record for an IA based processor, well exceeding the new Interlagos systems shown on the list.

In other SC11 news, I get stopped everywhere here for people to tell me how excited they are about the Intel(r) MIC architecture products.  They love the programming model, and they like how they can rapidly able to use their previously developed software on the MIC software development vehicle. They have also mentioned how eager they are to see the future performance of the Knights Corner product.

Things are just getting starting here.The show floor opens tonight, and the booth looks great. The flight simulator is thrilling, and I cant wait to get this show on the road!

Intel HPC, Flight Simulator