Sustainability – Metering the Office Environment

One of the areas I’m focusing on for Intel IT is Sustainability.  My specific area of focus is energy use in office spaces, including but not limited, to client systems.  As I got started, one of the first issues I discovered was a general lack of baseline data on how much energy is used in the office space today.  If you want to implement changes to save energy, you have to really understand where you are starting from.

So, before I can really try some proof of concept activities to reduce energy use in the office, I’ll first need to establish a solid baseline.  I hope to soon start a small proof of concept to physically meter energy use in the office space.  One the baseline is established, several additional phases will take place to see how energy use can be reduced via; awareness, software, and electrical controls in the office.

I’ll be back with more info as we get started but, in the meantime, I’d love to hear from you.  Have you already looked at energy saving in the office environment?  Is it something you are considering looking at in the near future?  What are your thoughts, concerns, focus areas?