Sustainability – Energy Use in the Office Proof of Concept Results

In June, I updated you on a small proof of concept studying Energy use in the Office.  The first phase of that PoC is now complete and although detailed results will be included in a paper we’ll be publishing later this year, I thought I’d share a few data points with you now.

If you remember from my last post, after establishing a baseline, we split the PoC users in to three groups to test different energy saving techniques.

The awareness group, whom we simply provided information on how much energy they were using, what it costs, and as some energy saving tips, reduced their energy usage by an average of 22%.

The power management group, whom we used a third-party tool to deploy and enforce client power management settings putting their systems in to standby after an idle period, reduced their energy usage by an average of 10%.

The smart strip group, whom we provided USB triggered power strips to power off devices in their office when their laptop was out of their docking station, encounter technical issues resulting in no change to their energy use.

While the savings found during the study are compelling, we did run in to several issues both technical and related to the small size of the PoC that could skews the numbers in either direction.  We are now planning to repeat the study on a much lager scale, focusing on awareness and power management profiles, to see if the original findings scale.

Please let me know if you have any questions or if you are doing or have done anything similar in your enterprise.