Sustainability – Overdue update on Energy Use in the Office

It’s been a few months since I last blogged on Energy Use in the Office.  If you remember from pervious blogs, we did a small proof of concept last summer studying different energy saving techniques in the office environment and found that just providing individuals with Awareness of their usage and some simple tips and tricks to reduce was the most effective.  We’ve been planning a follow-on PoC, on much larger scale, for some time now and I’m very excited to tell you that it is finally about to start.

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The new PoC will focus on Awareness only and will use a third party tool to "soft meter" individual’s PCs.  They’ll have access to their own individual information via a secure web portal as well as be able to compare their usage to others on their floor as well as the entire PoC population at large.  We’re also installing two larger kiosk type displays in a lobby and café where group and building level rollup usage information can been seen as well.  Maybe there’ll be some friendly competition between floors to see who can reduce the most.

We should start collecting baseline data in about two-three weeks with the PoC formally lunching about 30 days thereafter.  I’ll be back soon with status updates. 

In the meantime, here’s my question for you: Has your company done anything like this?  If so, what was that experience like?  If not, how do you feel about energy / PC usage data being collected (assuming only you have access to your individual information)?

-Mike Breton

IT Technology Evangelist