Tablets in the Classroom – How are Mobile Devices Impacting Learning?

For years, teachers may have seen mobile devices in their classrooms as a distraction - it can be hard to handle a classroom full of texting students! However, innovation and resourcefulness have replaced teachers' frustration, and mobile devices have been changing the way education is delivered.

A recent Harris International survey of 2,350 US students showed that students are enthusiastic at the idea of introducing mobile learning devices. 92% of elementary, middle and high school students believe mobile devices will impact education delivery in the future, 90% believe they will make learning more fun.

Those students would be excited to know that the future is already here - classrooms all over the world are utilizing mobile devices for digital learning initiatives. For several years, Fuxin Primary School, in Shenzhen, China, has been exploring innovative ways to use technology to improve education. Recently, the school implemented a 1:1 digital learning program that is delivering impressive results—including increasing teacher productivity, strengthening students’ problem-solving and critical-thinking skills, and encouraging independent student learning.

Traditional teaching methods have been replaced by a more personalized, student-centered teaching model that engages more students and helps them learn group problem-solving skills. For example, questions that traditionally only a small portion of the class could discuss can now be worked on by the entire class using the 1:1 digital teaching platform's discussion tool.

The tablets and digital teaching model have also improved teachers' productivity. In English language courses, for example, it used to take teachers about 20 minutes to correct tests for classes of 30 or more students. The digital teaching platform now performs assessments and scoring automatically—saving teachers time and effort that they can now use to provide individual counseling and other important services.

Read on for all the details of how Fuxin Primary School is using Intel® Atom® processor-based Windows* 8 tablets for their digital learning program.

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