Tablets on Campus: Productive, Secure Tools for Students and Staff

Imagine learning and working alongside hundreds of collaborators with ease in a space where technology is a platform to build great ideas. It sounds like every professional’s dream, and the technology team at Grove City College in Pennsylvania is making it a reality for students and staff.

By supplying every student and staff member with a state-of-the-art tablet computer, the IT team at Grove City has enabled amazing productivity and performance while keeping valuable information (and the computers themselves) highly secure. Take a look at the progress the school has made, and imagine what taking the leap to mobile computing could do for your small business.

Productivity Gets Flexible

int-brand_990_campus_studentsonsteps.jpgEach fall, Grove City’s IT team selects a new tablet to supply to each incoming freshman student. The most recent selection was an HP EliteBook Revolve 810. These thin, lightweight tablets, equipped with Intel Core i7 vPro processors, combine a touch screen with a full keyboard so users can easily switch from a tablet to a laptop experience. No matter where they are, students and teachers can complete work and collaborate with each other using their tablets. Long battery life, Intel Wireless Display, and fast booting all contribute to powerful productivity.

Performance Advantages

The Intel Core-based tablets utilize the Intel Solid-State 500 Series Drives to maximize performance, allowing students to multitask and instructors to run large programs simultaneously. “The Intel Core i7 vPro processors and Intel SSDs give students and faculty the performance they need to run complex engineering simulations during class time, provide interactive classroom presentations, conduct video conferencing, and more,” says Vincent DiStasi, chief information officer and associate professor of chemistry at Grove City College.

Using Intel processors and SSDs also keeps the tablets relevant for a full four years, so each student can continue using the same machine throughout his or her time at school. “By selecting tablets with these Intel technologies, we gain the headroom for new applications and needs that might emerge,” DiStasi says.

Low Maintenance, High Security

When Grove City College’s IT team used traditional hard drives, they spent the summer installing software on new machines. Today, using Intel SSDs, it takes less than a week for the team to prep approximately 800 tablets for the start of each school year. In addition, the Intel Core i7 vPro processors come with Intel security technologies, which lock down a stolen device and pinpoint its location to speed recovery. Intel securities help keep important information secure, and since they have been widely publicized on campus, thieves are no longer trying, says DiStasi. “We have gone from more than 10 tablet thefts in a single year to zero.”

For a full look into Grove City College’s use of Intel technologies, read the full case study.

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