Tablets Revolutionize Restaurant Customer Service by Becoming Part of The Habit


Restaurant chain The Habit has grown exponentially since its humble beginnings in California, recording 40 percent annual growth in sales. The company has built a strong reputation around fresh burgers and sandwiches as well as friendly, helpful staff.

“The question was, ‘How can IT help maintain that quality and consistency given our explosive growth?’” said Mike Repetti, vice president of IT at The Habit. The answer, it turned out, was introducing Intel® Atom™-based tablets that provided a healthy combination of customer service and employee support.

Multiple Challenges, One Mobile Solution

Habit-Burger-tablet.jpgTwo main challenges faced The Habit’s team as it grew from a small business into a franchise. First, store managers were losing productivity and consistency due to desktop PC data entry, paper-based documentation, and antiquated training processes for new employees. Second, the increasing popularity of The Habit’s food offerings were causing long lines at peak hours.

The IT team evaluated a variety of hardware solutions, and decided on tablets for their mobile uses and integration with existing software. “We needed a tablet that could accommodate multiple use cases and support both the Microsoft applications and custom x86-based software used by our employees,” Repetti said. The solution revealed itself in Dell Latitude and Venue tablets, powered by Intel Atom-based processors.

Tablets Deliver Efficiency and Additional Benefits

Once deployed, The Habit saw immediate benefits from the tablet integration. Cashiers at the restaurant locations could go mobile, assisting customers waiting in line by taking their orders and sending the orders straight to the cooks. Leaders streamlined employee training and onboarding, as well as boosted efficiency of internal processes. All these benefits also served to reduce paper waste and enrich The Habit’s green initiative.

The Habit plans to invest in the next generation of Dell Venue tablets, and is considering using the tablets with the company’s point-of-sale software, creating mobile sales registers in high-traffic locations.

Repetti said the upgrade has helped The Habit grow quickly without the usual headaches. “We have been able to leapfrog past legacy equipment that might hold other restaurants back,” he said.

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