Taking Square Aim at Accelerating Cloud Adoption with Cisco, Dell and Red Hat

With the digital service economy scaling to $450B by 2020, companies are relying on their IT infrastructure to fuel business opportunity.  The role of the data center has never been as central to our economic vitality, and yet many enterprises continue to struggle to integrate the efficient and agile infrastructure required to drive the next generation of business growth.

At Intel, we are squarely focused on accelerating cloud adoption by working with the cloud software industry to deliver the capabilities required to fuel broad scale cloud deployment across a wide range of use cases and workloads.  We are ensuring that cloud software can take full advantage of Intel architecture platform capabilities to deliver the best performance, security, and reliability, while making it simpler to deploy and manage cloud solutions.

That’s why our latest collaboration with Red Hat to accelerate the adoption of OpenStack in the enterprise holds incredible promise.  We kicked off the OnRamp to OpenStack program in 2013. This program has been centered on educational workshop, early trials, and customer PoCs. Today, we are excited to augment this collaboration with a focus on accelerating OpenStack deployments, by building on our long-standing history of technical collaboration to accelerate feature delivery to drive broad proliferation of OpenStack in the enterprise.

This starts by expanding our focus on integrating enterprise class features such as high availability of OpenStack services and tenants, ease of deployment, and rolling upgrades.  What does this entail?  With high availability of OpenStack services we are ensuring an “always on” state for cloud control services.  High availability of tenants focuses on a number of capabilities including improving VM migration, and VM recovery from host failures.  Ease of deployment will help IT shops get up and running faster, and increase capacity whenever required with simplicity.  Once the cloud is up and running, rolling upgrades enable OpenStack upgrades without downtime.

We’re also excited to have industry leaders Cisco and Dell join the program to deliver a selection of proven solutions to the market.  With their participation, we expect to upstream much of the work we’ve collectively delivered to ensure that the entire open source community can leverage these contributions.  What does this mean to you? If you’re currently evaluating OpenStack and are seeking improvement in high availability features or predictable and understood upgrade paths, please reach out to us to find out more about what the collaboration members are delivering.  If you’re looking to evaluate OpenStack in your environment, the time is ripe to take action.  Take the time to learn more about Cisco, Dell and Red Hat plans for delivery of solutions based on the collaboration, and comment here if you have questions or feedback on the collaboration.